Overview of the Joyful Hooves PowerNudge Slot

If you enjoy spending time with furry friends, you might like Happy Hooves PowerNudge, a slot machine developed by Pragmatic Play. This is the third iteration of the PowerNudge slot, and each iteration has included minor changes to the underlying mechanism. If you’re looking for the most refined version so far, go no farther than Happy Hooves PowerNudge. However, don’t be fooled into thinking that this is a truly original game; the PowerNudging features were only “inspired” by those of another famous online slot. Yes, indeed.

All the Best, Horses! Starting off in a stable full of saddles, hay, and buckets is perhaps not the most exciting environment for a young stallion like PowerNudge. Thankfully, when you use the PowerNudge Respin option, everything moves outside to a rolling grassy pasture, complete with blazing sun and enormous sky, a far better setting for a horse to wander free. In the meanwhile, head back to the stable, where a grid of 5 reels and 4 rows awaits, along with 40 paylines on which you may land winning combos of 3 to 5 of a type.

Forty fixed paylines contribute to the high minimum wager of 40 p/c and the high maximum bet of £/€100 each spin, making this game unsuitable for certain low rollers. Happy Hooves PowerNudge is a high-variance game (5 out of 5) with an RTP range between 96.49% and 96.29% (with the latter dropping to 96.29% if the PowerNudge Respin bonus is purchased). You can speed things up with just about any electronic gadget, be it a tablet, smartphone, or computer.

The standard pay symbols in Happy Hooves PowerNudge come in four different colors: blue, purple, green, and red. There is one low-paying royal in each color group and one high-paying horse. Five of a kind of the horse symbols pays between 1.875 and 3.75 times the wager, while a full house of the royals (J, Q, K, A) returns between 0.75 and 1.25 times the wager. Wilds come in four different colors: blue, purple, green, and red. Wilds can stand in for any other symbol, even those that trigger payouts.

Slot’s Joyful PowerNudge Reels

The PowerNudge function has shown its adaptability thus far by taking slightly different approaches with each application. In Happy Hooves PowerNudge, the PowerNudge function is activated when a mysterious symbol appears on any reel. In the standard game, any visible mystery symbols will disclose either a colored wild sign or a Golden symbol. The Golden symbols spin to reveal either a multiplier for the current wager or a scatter symbol. When the nudges are finished, the entire bet multiplier is paid out, and the bonus round begins if there are enough scatter symbols in view. All mystery symbols on the reels move down one position after the revelation, while the other reels respin. This procedure is repeated until the reels contain no more hidden symbols.

PowerNudge’s Reverse-Plot Function

The PowerNudge Respin function is activated whenever three or more scatter symbols appear. A spin must produce at least 8 mystery symbols across two reels to trigger the bonus round. After then, the reels will respin one again as the mysterious symbols nudge them. The bonus round concludes when no more hidden symbols appear. In the PowerNudge Respin feature, a new symbol, the Nudge Up, may be revealed when a mystery symbol reveals a symbol. If there are enough Nudge Up symbols, the reels will be nudged upward by that many spaces. PowerNudge Respins also come with a win multiplier that increases with each re-spin. Each nudge and respin increases the multiplier by 1.

Purchase Reruns

Instead of hoping for scatters to land in their favor, players can opt to pay for the PowerNudge Respin option if it is available. It will cost you 100 times your wager.

Judgment: Slots, Happy Hooves PowerNudge

The distinctive and familiar in Happy Hooves come together in an odd way. For starters, there are four wilds that need to align with the appropriate coloured pay symbols to be of any use, and the pay symbol grouping is different, adding a new depth to the mystery symbol reveal. Testing revealed that this technology is more intriguing than was initially imagined. It turned out to be fascinating thanks to a few hits hidden among the random symbols and wilds. I have my doubts about how popular this concept will become, but what the heck, why not give it a shot?

The PowerNudge mystery symbol function is directly taken from Push Gaming’s suspenseful Razor Shark and lacks originality. The action in Happy Hooves isn’t as fast-paced as that in Razor Shark, and the game’s bet multipliers aren’t quite as high as those in the latter. While watching free-ranging stallions might be relaxing, Happy Hooves is a less dynamic game overall and its visuals are less interesting than those of the slot machine it seems to be emulating. To the point that it’s tough to have strong opinions on anything. It’s functional, the trial run went smoothly, and the maximum payout is 5,000 times the wager, but you probably won’t want to go back to the barn/grassland anytime soon.

A PowerNudge Respin alternative might be appealing to folks who like the gameplay of Razor Shark but are afraid of sharks. It doesn’t go as far underwater or as high as Push Gaming’s classic, but it does share some of the same core elements and might appeal to those looking for a gentler, less risky alternative.






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